Faculty 乌玛米尔纳

乌玛米尔纳 joins the Division of Psychology & Applied Therapies this fall. Miller comes with excellent experience in teaching, scholarship, and clinical work. She received her PhD in Counseling Psychology at Boston College where her dissertation focused on the assessment of counselor perceptions of prostitution and how perceptions influence counselors’ clinical judgments. Prior to this, she obtained her master’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of Pune in India, completing a thesis that explored the relationship between stress and different personality types originally derived from Hindu philosophy. Currently, she is a research scientist at the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation where her research focuses on community engagement and employment of individuals with psychiatric disabilities, integrating the fields of vocational rehabilitation and vocational psychology.

有执照的心理学家,她完成了在南部的牙买加平原健康中心,在剑桥健康联盟/哈佛医学院临床奖学金实习和提供基于医院的精神卫生服务是从事了5年。她已经发表在多个杂志,包括 心理学的亚裔杂志, 辅导心理学杂志, 妇女和治疗。她注重社会公平和多元文化,米尔纳,她会成为一个优秀的贡献,既要分工和更广泛的社区莱斯利!