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Our comprehensive total compensation package is designed to provide all of our employees with a variety of value-added programs and services. At Lesley, total compensation is a combination of base-pay, incentives (recognition awards), and benefits.

Lesley University believes strongly in rewarding performance. To support our competitive, performance-based pay practices, we make every effort to ensure that our salaries are both externally competitive and internally equitable.

  • Salary Plan Administration

    Human Resources has overall responsibility for direction and administration of the compensation and classification program. We evaluate positions for inclusion in the plan, maintain the master set of position descriptions, and provide each employee with the position description covering primary functions, responsibilities and requirements.

  • Salary Structure

    Lesley University's salary philosophy is to pay employees equitably and fairly while being fiscally responsible. Human Resources establishes salary grades for all non-faculty positions with minimum to maximum pay ranges for each grade.

    Salary Grade Schedule

    Effective January 1, 2020. Download the CY20 Salary Grade Schedule [PDF].

    Grade Minimum Mid Maximum
    7N $36,477.34 $43,407.88 $50,338.43
    8N $39,882.95 $47,459.81 $55,037.92
    23N $40,966.78 $48,749.97 $56,534.40
    24N $47,367.84 $56,367.85 $65,367.87
    24 $50,134.94 $59,662.23 $69,192.68
    25 $53,768.90 $63,984.49 $74,201.33
    26 $60,169.96 $71,602.37 $83,034.79
    27 $72,972.08 $90,484.88 $107,998.92
    28 $85,774.19 $106,359.50 $126,323.77
    29 $98,576.31 $122,234.13 $145,178.03
    30 $111,378.43 $138,108.76 $164,032.29
    31 $130,581.61 $168,449.78 $205,307.82
    32 $149,784.79 $193,222.50 $235,500.11
    33 $168,987.96 $217,993.98 $265,692.40
    34 $188,191.14 $242,766.70 $295,884.69

    Employees will not be paid at a rate less than the minimum for their grade. The program is based on a Job/Position Description (DOC) completed by the employee or the manager, approved by the supervisor, and then classified by the Department of Human Resources.

    The position is assigned to a pay grade with respective salary ranges in accordance with several factors that collectively measure the level of skill, effort, responsibility, budgetary responsibility, supervision, overall management of programs, and working conditions within each job. Human Resources conducts periodic reviews to assess the accuracy and competitiveness of the salary schedule and makes changes as indicated.

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    Faculty salaries are established through the Provost's Office. Salaries for administrators, academic administrators with faculty rank, and administrative staff positions are established through the Human Resources compensation and classification program.

  • Job/Position Description

    The Job/Position Description (DOC) documents the essential functions of the position, and employees should have an up-to-date version of their job description.

    At Lesley, we use this form to create a new position, record significant changes to an existing position, compare position description content with survey data, and provide supporting documentation to a Manager's request for a salary review by Human Resources.

  • Starting Salaries for New Hires

    Salary offers are commensurate with experience and are normally placed at the lower end of the salary range for the specific grade. Budget, market issues, and internal equity should also be considered when setting salaries for new hires.

    The department head must work with Human Resources to formulate and agree on the appropriate salary before an offer is extended. Compensation for newly hired staff is generally based on education, experience, and skills that the applicant brings to the workplace.

    • Hiring managers may recruit within budgetary restraints up through the mid-point of the range recommended by Human Resources.
    • Recruitment beyond the mid-point of the classified range must be approved by the VP/Dean, in conjunction with Human Resources and reviewed by the budget office to confirm available funding for final approval.
  • Changes in Employment or Pay

    Employees who are interested in pursuing career opportunities at Lesley University are encouraged to meet with Human Resources to learn more about the specific positions available and the training, experience, and minimum entrance requirements for each position; check the listed job postings.

    Contact the Recruitment and Benefits Manager if you are interested in pursuing a career advancement opportunity, or learning about a posted position.

  • Moving to a Different Job
    • Lateral Move/Reorganization:
      If you transfer to a position at the same grade level, your current rate of pay may, or may not change, depending on the responsibilities and skills required for the new position.
    • Promotion:
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    • Temporary Transfer:
      If you are assigned to replace a co-worker in a higher graded job, or fill a vacancy at higher level for at least 6 weeks, you may be eligible for a temporary salary increase in the form of a stipend. The Department Manager, in consultation with Human Resources, determines the amount of the stipend. At the conclusion of the temporary transfer the stipend will cease, and you will be paid at your previous base rate.



  • Change or Reclassification to Your Existing Job
    • Upgrade:
      If the scope of your position changes due to a significant increase in responsibilities, Human Resources and your Department Manager will review your position. The position may be reclassified. Once the position has been evaluated to a new classification, compensation is determined, based on the new responsibilities, availability of funds, and a review of internal and external market factors.
    • Downgrade:
      In the event that you are demoted to a job in a lower range, your pay may be reduced. The new pay rate will be established, after consultation with Human Resources, and may be adjusted accordingly. 
  • Types of Salary Increases
    • Reclassification:
      Positions that have been reclassified due to a significant increase in job responsibilities may result in a job grade change. In the event that the job grade does not change, the incumbent may be eligible for an incremental raise within the same grade. If there is a change in job grade the provisions that govern job promotion would apply in that instance. The only difference is that the effective date of the personnel action would have no bearing on one's eligibility for annual salary increases. Reclassification of a position should be planned and budgeted for in the fiscal year in which it may occur.
    • Annual Salary Increases:
      In the event annual salary increases are awarded they will be effective January 1 of the new calendar year. The President, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, will determine the percentage of the annual salary increase. All new hires must be compensated at the minimum salary of the job grade. Annual salary increases for Unionized Employees are subject to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 
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      Equity increases should only be requested when the grade assignment is correct but the salary within the range may not be commensurate with the experience, skills, and longevity in the position. Equity increases should be planned and budgeted for in the fiscal year in which they would be awarded.
    • Technical Pay Compensation Schedule:
      Professional, supervisory and managerial positions that require technical skills may qualify for "technical pay" when the external market exceeds the established compensation scheduled adopted by the University. Technical pay classification assignment will be based on the same criteria used for all administrative and staff positions.